Alex Breeze

Spicy Suspense

Alex grew up sitting on the beaches of Southern California curling her toes in the sand and
dreaming of love and adventure.

With a touch of humor and a splash of heat, Alex sends women of strength and men of honor into danger where love triumphs in stories that resonate with the belief that justice will prevail - it just needs a little help. 

Alex encourages everyone to pursuit their dreams and to
turn the page ...    romance and adventure awaits.          

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I support Operation Paperback
"which has been giving our troops the opportunity to escape into a good book since 1999."

The men of

     Sister getting married and you just broke up with your boyfriend? 
     Have I Got A Man for you.
     Son kidnapped by insurgents and you've no where to turn?
     Have I Got A Man for you.
     HIGAM is a gun-for-hire agency that operates under the guise of a social escort service. 

     Run by a little person, named after Amelia Earhart because she knew no boundaries, Amelia's men are dedicated to righting wrongs and looking good in the process.

Book One - Tony
     After nearly losing his life while undercover in a motorcycle gang, Tony left the police force and
joined HIGAM.  Settled into a predictable life with a good book and a faithful dog, he wasn't prepared for Angie.
     Dumped by her cheating boyfriend, Angie panicked at the thought of attending her twin sister's wedding solo. 
     A desperate call to HIGAM thrust this oil-
and-water couple into the middle of industrial espionage in the beautiful Napa Valley.

Book Two - Bill
     Still living at home two years after his divorce, surfing playboy, Bill, took a job with HIGAM as a lark.  
     Susan was all business until she was framed for embezzling.  A call to HIGAM brought her a surfing companion for a trip south of the border.  
     Sparks fly when dependability collides with irresponsibility as they venture into Mexico in search of a thief.

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Who is the
Black Swan?

Can CIA partners, Nick and Kate, recover from a mission gone bad in time to discover who is the Black Swan?

Book 1 - Partners -
Struggling with PTSD, Kate holds the key to why she and Nick are being hunted.  Can her tortured mind release the memory in time?
Book 2 - Partners - Revelation
The key to finding the Black Swan lies with Brent, who betrayed them.  Now he wants to form an alliance.  Can Nick and Kate trust him?
Book 3 - Partners - Resolution
The Black Swan has been identified but can the men from TR stop her before she destroys everything they love?

Sorry, books are not yet available.

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